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Are you looking for sales and service consulting for machinery and project management service in Zeeland? It could involve metal technology, servicing your car, painting machine parts, crafting different parts or products for another manufacturing company. If yes, look no further – TSM Sales & Services has what you have been looking for. My most popular services include cutting, finishing, drilling, shaping, electroplating, painting, and heat treating. If you are seeking any services in a machine shop, do not hesitate to contact me through +16164039673 for the best machine shop services.

Friendly Customer Support

My staff is specialists and highly trained in giving you an issue-free service. I also provide assistance by liaising with transport agencies to transport your goods down to where you need them. My goal is to provide you with the best service and to ease you of stress while doing so. I fully comply with industry standards, and my staff is friendly and highly supportive. Why not reach out to me to get a detailed breakdown of how I can assist?

Helping You Reach The Next Level

My service strikes the perfect balance between out-of-the-box thinking and keen trend watching in the marketing industry. If it sounds like I'm passionate about marketing and helping to promote your product, you'd be right. I put my heart into every project, and aim to make online advertising on different platforms an easy one.


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